Kentucky woman launches into racist rant against other shoppers, who ignore her


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I knew what she would look like ever before her picture loaded.


And stay out the Woolworths!


Man, these ranters love being the victims. Life is sooo hard when you can’t pay for your cheap crap fast enough.


Somehow it will be (insert minority of choice here)'s fault when these kind of folks lose their health insurance, social security and medicare.


She got a life sentence for that bit of stupidity…Every day from now on she has to realize just how pathetically ignorant and insignificant her existence really is…she spent her 15 minutes of fame proving her head is as ugly as her ass


I’m sure she’s just scared and angry because neoliberalism failed.


Welcome to Trumpland everyone.
On the plus side there are less of them than the rest of us, too bad they are gonna do a lot of damage before we can make things better.


That is a great turn of phrase.


ETA Where you, me, or the general consensus places her on the attractiveness scale is irrelevant. What she looks like is irrelevant. It’s a non-issue - how she’s behaving here is the issue.


Yes. these racist asshole scapegoat seekers were always here (there are at least 2 in my family) but the Trump™ difference is:


Dear elderly lady - shut up. Shut the fuck up. Shuttity shut up.


I know I’ve read things here saying that the best thing to do is ignore them. Not feeling that’s the best response. If I see someone doing that (especially someone I assume couldn’t or wouldn’t beat the shit out of me in the parking lot) I won’t stand by watching that.


What do you want to bet that this lady:

a) didn’t pay any federal income tax last year,
b) doesn’t realize that fact and
c) is sick and tired of being taxed to death just to support all the welfare moochers.


That is what is meant by “her head is as ugly as her ass”.

“Ugly goes to the bone” is another way of thinking about it.


Anyone else think the racist will blame “Them” for her banination? And this is a beautiful illustration of why my mom always says “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” (because sometimes it reveals that you’re the kind of twisted hate monster that makes the rest of us humans look bad).


Um… indeed!


Words for all of us to live by!


Eh, this shit goes on all too often. Even before the recent empowerment from Trumps win, old women bitching in line is a Holiday Tradition I see pretty much every year, though not usually with the racial/nationality slant.

Of course now every time shit like this happens we will blame Trumps election, not the fact that it was there the whole time.


Yeah, there is a certain sweet irony when people with heavy colloquial accents say shit like that.