West Virginia mayor glad to see "ape in heels" Michelle Obama replaced by beautiful Melania Trump


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In case you missed it, West Virginia Mayor Resigns Over Michelle Obama 'Ape' Facebook Post

Wow, that mayor stopped juuust short of legally recognized hate speech.

It’s always been said that mayors are crazy. Even the nice ones.


There is no excuse for this stuff. At least two people just outed themselves. But where are their pictures? I wish to compare them to Mrs. Obama.


No comment but to say this seems to be a photo of Ms. Taylor.

Edit: on second thought let’s just leave it.


I suggest she sue herself for “Blatant Stupidity” and “Racism”.


You know, I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion. But:

…a Ape…

That’s fucking unforgivable.


“I’m sorry my racist comment was seen as racist. I thought I was being more subtle.”


I’ll just leave this tasty bit of rage porn here:


These classy ladies cleanly illustrate how ignorance and bigotry walk hand in hand.


I am firmly of the opinion that one should not judge people by their physical attractiveness. But, since she did bring it up, Pamela Ramsey Taylor looks like someone put lipstick on a hemorrhoid.


I stopped at “West Virginia”, no need to read on from there.


time wounds all heels.


The fact that there are racists in small town West Virginia is not surprising.

The fact that there are still people who think the Trumps are classy is.


She’s surely talking about the Italian trike.


Hey, she firmly stands behind YOUR RIGHT as a citizen of the United States of America to state YOUR opinion (even add possibly offensive and hurtful she may find it) about her.

So yeah, if Michelle Obama is “a ape” in heels, this seeping purulent infection in pancake makeup is Jabba the Hutt’s ugly sister. And I’m just getting warmed up.


We live in a society where you’re only 140 characters away from destroying your life and career.


Thanks, now I’ve got this stuck in my head:


Are you kidding? In Trump’s America, this sort of statement can get you a promotion and job security.


Surely, there is a basket around here somewhere…


Where are we going in this basket?