Mayor called Obamas "monkey man" and "gorilla face", but "I'm not a racist"


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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!


He’ll be gone in a week.


He’s not a racist. Just a Grade-A asshole.


That guy doesn’t need to be criticising anybody’s ears.


At first I was all “Washington State? No way, I have friends and relatives right across the border there, I go to Seattle all the time, how can this be?”
So I Googled “Airway Heights,” saw the words “Spokane County,” and went, “Oh. Okay, I get it now.”


that’s my favorite - “I’m not a racist, but…”
sort of like “… what are you talking about, I have black friends!” When the prez was re-elected, I actually had some dummy say that to me.
Me, “no kidding, how amazing”
Them, “seriously, I do!”
Me, “you should tell them about our conversation, then.”


I’m not.

Yeah. Yeah you fucking are.


Strictly speaking, humans are fairly close to gorilla face, on an evolutionary timescale, but the people who actually bother to mention the fact…so rarely have that in mind. They may even be somewhat more likely than average to explicitly reject that interpretation. Totally inscrutable, definitely.


obama, as usual, refrained from calling the mayor a doody head or poopy face.


Well, the KKK claims to be “not racist” these days. Looking at his collected Facebook posts, he seems to be “not racist” in exactly the same way.


That man is just a horrible person…

Looking through his other posts it reminded me why I stay away from facebook… so much hate.



Y’all have got it all wrong…

"It's just playful back and forth banter that my friends and I do," said Rushing.

He’s just joshin’ around with his buddies – no harm, no foul.


I have never understood the whole business of using monkeys and apes in racist rhetoric. I can make very accurate chimp noises, and at a previous workplace, workmates used to often ask me to make these noises. A few times I was called out by management, who said that I should know better, that “monkey” noises would upset the black employees for “obvious reasons”. (Not true, apparently! It was often my black friends who asked me to make them.) I asked why chimp noises would be offensive to black people and got lots of nervous hand-wringing. Their indirect explanations seemed more racist than what they were complaining about, and I explained this to them.


Clearly a pathetic racist asshole. But why does he hold public office? Money on the table, he ran unopposed and convinced about 500 people to vote… at all?

He won’t step down, it’s possible he is otherwise unemployable especially given the local economy.

I feel for the locals, what a shitty place to live, why should they care who runs it when the shared goal of most residents is probably to get the hell out of there.


Or is it…


Yep, the only racists out there anymore are the race hustlers who try to find racism. FOX NEWS told me so!


that’s the thing: racists don’t realize they are racists.


And he’s a bit racist too.
He can be both.


The word “Bigot” works as a good substitute when people start being pedantic to obscure the message.