Maine Gov. LePaige: people of color are the enemy


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Real men use sabers. With wine glasses behind their feet to see who flinches and backs away when cut.


People voted this fine example of humanity into office?


A case example of not only latent racism in the U.S. but also how the endemic use of militaristic language among U.S. politicians infects the national dialogue and aggravates already detestable views.


He’s right - the colors however are Racist, Misogynist, Bigot, Ignoramous. And he’s every color.


On purpose the first time, as a quirk of the voting system the second time.


We currently have friends from Germany staying with us who have just come from visiting other friends in Maine. I had to explain what they experienced in the state to them, because they thought it would be like Vermont…I had to use the analogy of Portland versus eastern Oregon.


Other way around (relatively speaking). It was a three-way race both times with a Democrat and an independent who was basically a Democrat splitting the left vote, but Lepage won with ~38% of the vote in 2010. The second time it was closer to 49%.


I suppose he isn’t aware that this “noble” desire to help black people has historically been a vehicle through which racists can assert the (false) belief that white culture is superior, cf


Other way around. First time around he got 38% of the vote and the democratic/liberal vote was split between two candidates (second place got 36% of the vote and lost by only 7,500 votes, so they would have likely won). Second time was a similar situation, but LePoop got 48% of the vote and a much more clear victory.


And he used profanity.

So, like… fuckin’ game over


I feel like LePaige is watching the Trump gang having a big fun racist party and he’s stuck up in Maine, waving his arms and saying “hey hey hey! I’m super racist, honest! Do you need a Secretary of State, or, anything really. Call me! You’ve got my number, right?”


"I want you to prove the assertion - that you didn’t make - that I’m a racist! No, wait, never mind, I’ll do it myself!"
The irony is that not only is his assertion that 90% of drug crime is being done by black people totally false, black people in the state aren’t any more likely to possess drugs than white people, but they are four times more likely to be arrested for drug possession (edit: and 9 times more likely to be arrested for selling drugs, even though they’re no more likely to be doing that, either). Which means the only real problem in the state is with law enforcement.


(sung to the tune of a song…)

I just met you
And I’m as crazy
Here’s my number
We’re racist baby!


It’s anything but ‘latent’. I don’t get it. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Maine and it didn’t seem anything like MIssissippi, culturally speaking. Who votes for this guy? I’m not speaking only of the racism, but the delusions.


And he demanded that the guy keep and distribute the voice mail. Either he was being sarcastic, or he didn’t see anything wrong with his angry, profanity-ridden tirade. Given what he says on the record, I’m guessing the latter.

No doubt - but I suspect that he, like so many others in the country, just saw Trump and thought, “Finally, I can let my racism all hang out in public!”



Enemy in what way? Crime? Illegal immigration? Taking jerbs? Opening delicious tacos stands? Increasing the Catholic population?


I know nothing about this. I stole the scenario from an old Mission Impossible where Phelps had to pass a test by engaging in this undercover. Dueling scars being a mark of honor and all.


I guess he must have enjoyed being in the news for racist remarks a few months ago…