RIM founder: TPP is "the worst public policy decision in Canada's history"

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Well if it reinforces American hegemony it can’t be all bad.

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If I’m understanding it right, it reinforces multinational corporation hegemony, who have a time-share option on the US military as an enforcement option.

Not quite the same thing…

Ueber alles, indeed.

California Ueber alles!

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No hope - Change for sure.

Well my MP is pretty useless but i will need to do that anyway. Maybe now that Harper is no longer dear leader she might think for herself.

Presently and for the next 3 decades, China can overrule the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms if it interferes with trade. And the best part is, whenever they opt to do so, all levels of government have to keep these violations secret from the Canadian public. I could be disappeared for even mentioning this and it would be perfectly legal. Just a little parting gift from the Harper government, protecting the oil trade no matter who or what it destroys.


A treaty has to be ratified first.

So, DEFINITELY write you various elected representatives and make sure that it doesn’t happen.

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