Candid Wall Street barons worry that GOP tax plan will lead to literal euthanasia of the rentier

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I don’t think Keynes meant euthanasia in such a literal sense. If he had, then it’s the wrong word - maybe execution is a better fit. The rich are not now suffering, and they won’t suffer under this awful tax-cutting bill either.

Fun fact: the guillotine was intended as a cleaner, more merciful means of execution. The headsman, you see, would sometimes strike too weakly, or at an angle, turning an execution into a butchering.


And they’ll sell those guillotines right up until their neck rests in one.


and that’s how those losers die, the trick is to both buy and sell guilotines - sell to the community when your neck isn’t in it, Buy when your neck is and then kick yourself out of it.

I wish people on Wall Street had spoken out before since it’s not like anyone in the industry didn’t see something like this tax plan (and the inevitable correction to which it will contribute) coming. I suppose it’s too much to ask of anyone with a B-school mentality to look beyond the next quarter, but the fact that some of them now are shows just how bad the situation is.

Now watch the usual trickle-down apologists come out and claim that this is just coming from “out of touch” blue-state wealthy guys, Coastal Elite “experts” who don’t understand the needs of Americans in the Heartland.


Can the inevitable be put off by pointing out that some of the workers have darker skin?
It’s those others are stealing our good water-carrying jobs that are keeping this country in the dumps.
Heck, get xenophobia going good enough and maybe we could even provoke a sizable war.
War’s good for business, right? Should thin out the working class at least.

(To clarify: this is sarcasm. But I fear there are minds out there which take this slant in earnest.)


If Imran Khan, the anti-US anti-corruption politician, becomes the next PM of Pakistan, as no longer seems incredible, and aligns the country closer to China, the number of people the US could have a war with (assuming China itself to be unsafe to try it) will comfortably exceed the US population.

I have to say that worries me these days is not the instability but its rate of increase.


Just get them on camera and when the crash hits [1], play it over and over again so people know who to track down.

[1] When, not “if.” This has already been the longest peacetime expansion on record, and every economist out there who isn’t being paid for happy talk has been saying for years that it can’t last. Most are arguing that we need to somehow get inflation up at least to where it was in 2008 because otherwise the Fed won’t be able to do even as much as they did then – and that is going to be extra ugly.


Protip: before launching violet revolution, make sure the gardeners are on your side.


That sounded interesting and implausibly weird, so I looked it up and couldn’t find any mention of it. Do you have a source for that?
From what I read, Louis XIV built a system of extremely wasteful/complex/expensive pumps (the ‘machine de marly’) to allow him to expand his gardens and build fancy fountains.


The problem is that we already know who these guys are and have for decades, and that when things go pear-shaped in the economy they suddenly vanish from the airwaves and the editorial sections and Internet forums for a couple of months, secure in the knowledge that most people are too busy digging themselves out from the latest disaster to track them down.

There’s a good reason that the conservative antagonism towards unions goes bye-bye when it comes to police unions. Gotta keep that guard labour happy.


Good post! But it needs a soundtrack.


I’m with @drinkingcoffee. Citation needed.


We must tax the wealthy 95%. We must raise taxes, provide a basic income and healthcare for all Americans. The tighter they squeeze the more people will slip through their fingers.


Harder for those who are in office. We had a really rough time chasing down Steve Pearce (NM DIstrict 2) early this year, including staking out his offices, and he finally gave it up for lost and declared that he would be leaving Congress to run for NM Governor. Which is pretty close to hopeless, after the wreckage that Susanna Martinez has managed, plus Trump in a State that’s 47% Hispanic. My suspicion is that he’s going to lose and then have an excuse rather than being tossed out of where he’s the incumbent.

My money (and I mean a lot of it) is on the long-delayed recession to hit while Trump and the Royalists don’t have much of anyone else to blame.


Oh, they’ll be blaming Obama for it. That’s where I’d put my wager, although I doubt anyone would take the other side of that bet.


I’m just going to keep posting this because it never stops being true. Indeed. you could say it only gets more true as the days go by:

The Hamptons is not a defensible position.


Protip 2: revolutions do not have to be violent.


Guillotine Maufacturing is an industry showing sharp increase in interest.