Car alarms are "idiotic, selfish forms of noise pollution that do nothing to deter crime"

I recommend busting your funkiest dance moves in front of it for 30-40 second every time it flashes its lights at you.


I find that obnoxious too. I read the manual and learned how to deactivate that “feature” on my car.

Yeah, they’re desensitising everyone in the neighbourhood to the sound. Then the giant kereru stick their heads into an open window and steal the car-keys.


You could wear an Elon mask for anonymity. /s


Or if a person is locked inside the car with the remote, and they decide to open the door. That has happened to me several times.

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Yea, well… I did something even more dumb. I had gotten out of my car and locked it. Then went around to the back to get something out of the hatch and while mucking around, left my keys in the back and hit the close button locking my keys inside… If I open the hatch on my car with the key, it ONLY unlocks the hatch.
Thankfully I was able to call and have them open my car remotely.

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At least the nextel chirp has disappeared from the wild. (It was especially annoying when passengers used it on public transport)

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So long as insurance companies give you a break for installing one (like they do here), they’ll never go away.


LOL. No. I actually helped get them out of that lifestyle. They’re mostly law-abiding now.

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while i hear what you’re saying. technically, i think they would have had to try in the first place to have given up. :confused:

i’ve known a good number of people who have gotten a car stolen. and every time, the only purpose in reporting it to the police was for insurance. i’ve actually even known someone who found their own car themselves, sitting abandoned by the side of the road.

and cars are valuable. the stuff in the cars, or attached to it ( like catalytic converters ) – forget it. cops at least where i am at just aren’t that interested.


Best car alarm ever

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That was the walkie-talkie thing, right? (Looks up “Nextel”…) Ah, they were based in Reston VA! Coincidence, I’m sure, but where I always heard these damn things was on the commuter bus to Reston.

Nowadays my pet peeve is someone has bluetoothed their phone to the car’s audio – no problem there – but then the car’s sound system is cranked way up so I can hear a phone call that’s inside of someone’s car, from inside my house.

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