Defect in car security system aids carjackers, thieves


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Yes, but does it feel more secure? Don’t bore me with statistics, this is high-tech!


So, have I got this right:

The keyless unlocking isn’t secure, so people worried about it buy another system to supposedly make it secure, which in fact is even less secure than the original?

Has anyone yet offered an insecure aftermarket system to secure the insecure security systems?

If not, why not? Has capitalism failed?

Are we all doomed to communism?? Won’t someone think of the children?


Can they disable that one alarm that has seven different flavors of

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Aw, goddammit. Sorry everyone.

Squeep squeep squeep squeep!

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I sincerely hope they have.



Theft prevention on my MGB was a switch I put on the line to the electric fuel pump. Car would go about a block if stolen. Of course, with Lucas electrics, the pump was prone to shutting off of its own accord at random times anyway.


Who paid $5,000 for a car alarm? and what was installed? The Clifford CS5000 goes for $200 just for the parts. I dont think that any car will ever be theft proof.

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