Careto (the Mask): long-running, sophisticated APT malware


la Careto is targeting los devices


No. It’s iOS, not los. Stop this madness.


Well, I guess it’s considerate that they’re including the Linux population…


‘statistically less likely’ is not seeming so secure these days, no…

Since most (a lot?) of servers are Linux it would make sense that they would need to be able to infect it, too.

Frogworth no conoce los devices.

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Hey Careto is slang for Face not Mask. La Careta is the Castellan (The main official language of Spain) for mask where as El Careto is slang for mask.

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Interesante. How is “Cara” different from Careta?

Cara is the formal for face. Careto roughly translates as “mug”. As in mug shot or he was pulling a stupid mug.


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