Cartoonist Kayfabe: Wizard Magazine 16, December 1992

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This was like a big old middle school flashback for me (except I didn’t have any of the thoughts or insights so I assumed everything in Wizard was wise and cool).

My question is a two-part question. When we see hands turning pages &c., is the left hand Ed Piskor and the right hand Jim Rugg? And did you have a special chair made, or does one have longer arms and it’s like in Ghost?

There was always a “fan covers” section. I recall sending a couple in and had one posted. Loved that mag.

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if you can figure out which issue it was in, you should let them know. They’ve been giving shout outs to those artists when they’ve been able to find them, googling people and seeing if any continued in comics or art in general.

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I honestly forget. I do still have the original drawings…god I was awful back then.

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I have that issue. Or had it, I might have actually sold that one…

I have a ton of Wizard Mags I’d let go cheap if anyone is interested.

same here, i have a stack at home i’d like elsewhere. not sure if there’s any value to them, i’d probably just ask for the cost of mailing.

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