Cartoonist Richard Corben, RIP (1940-2020)

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I’m sorry to hear this.
I always admired his work.


This link is most extremely broken

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Aw man! I actually took a life drawing class that he was in. He lived around here, but was pretty reclusive. I just happened to take a night class to bone up on life drawing and he was taking it too. Wowsa, he was fantastic as an artist. One time he forgot his glasses and his work was softer, but still great. I made a comment like, “You can’t see what you’re drawing, and still put mine to shame.”

I had heard of him, but didn’t know a lot about his work, and went out and got a graphic novel of his to sign. But he didn’t show the last day of class and I missed him. Oh well. In hindsight, I had a TMNT issue he did as well in my collection. I knew that he did the Den comics in Heavy Metal, which I was familiar with from the movie.

Anyway, amazing talent.


Gore is gone! Damn! I’ve accumulated his comix since the beginning. The world is missing a weird mind.


Always liked his artistic style - very engaging.


One can never be too good at life drawing.


Oh, I never realized that was him!

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