Catnip banana toy


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I’m not sure…should I look at it?


Your cat needs to look at it then destroy it.


premium North-American catnip

Pfff. That swill? My cats get the uncut fair-trade stuff fresh from Burkina Faso, ground by lava rocks and dried on a bed of organic banana leaves.

Or something like that.


Came here to ask Mark to reread the boingboing Style Manual.


My cats are just looking at it.


Between my three cats I have had to buy numerous versions of this toy. They do seem to love it the most.


Our cats love this catnip Pollock (available here). I love the scraping sound when one of them licks it.


That’s very tempting, but damn, three times as much for drunken dribbled colors?


Yeowwww! (accept no imitations!) makes a number of shapes of catnip filled toys; in my experience, cats go mad for the banana, to the exclusion of the other designs.

I think partly it’s because that size & shape is particularly conducive for cats to do the “bunny kick” maneuver


Came here to check for this comment, leaving satisfied.


I could sew some feathers to one of these bad boys and my cat would be in heaven for a week.


I’m torn on the ethics of catnip…

Does it cause withdrawal or psychological dependence? I’ve never had a cat that liked the stuff. They always seemed vaguely disgusted by the stuff.


Our cats like some catnip and other catnip they treat like stale oregano. They don’t seem to JONES for it, in the sense of having an addiction that I can identify. But they do get playful when they bite/lick/toss their catnip toys. They also seem to know when they’ve had enough and they will just walk away when they’re done (and they leave the saliva-wet catnip toy in the middle of the floor where I usually step on it and yell: “ew yucky!!”).


It’s vitamins for the brain man…


Don’t know, but three of our cats get, shall we say, possessive when the nip comes out? To the point where each cat must be made a separate pile with several feet spacing the piles out?


Not being told to just look at it produced a very specific flavour of existential angst I’ve never experienced before in my 41 years on this sphere.



In our house, Sojo’s Catnip is the cat’s pajamas.

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