Catnip joints for cats




How did cats become the only animals our society deems OK to provide with recreational drugs?


It’s because dogs don’t need drugs, a plain tennis ball is enough for addiction for them.


It’s to keep them pacified, lest they rise up and take over. They already control about half the internet as it is.



So why this particular form factor, other than to say, “Heh heh, duuude! I’m such a stoner, I even get my cat blunts!”?


Won’t someone please think of the kittens??!!!


Why not?

It gets people to notice, that’s usually enough of a reason. And even if not, it’s fun.


My cats prefer catnip cigars.


My cat hunts catnip mice. Much better having a dead catnip mouse left on your bed than the real thing…


How do we know without video proof if kitteh ever inhaled?



Especially when you step on one in the dark - much less squishy.


Reminded me of this: New Zealand PSA


Friend of mine decided her boyfriend’s cats were starting to accept her when they started to leave dead mice on her side of the bed.


It’s nice to know she was so chill about the rodent infestation. I had to draw the line the first time I found a live mouse under my pillow.


Because they are sneaky motherfuckers.


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