Caught lying by an EFF investigation, T-Mobile CEO turns sweary

Took him over three day’s to tweet back after the eff exposure, let’s see how long will take him to fixed “who the fuck are you, and who pays you” mess… John’s bird account is Caliente…!

My wife has worked for T-Mobile for 13 years and interacts with most of the senior management including Legere. He is well known within the company to be rude, crude, vulgar and basically a bully to everyone - so this kind of response is no surprise and very typical of his character.

To be fair, Legere was brought in to shake up the US wireless industry and to aggressively challenge Verizon and ATT for market share at all costs. To this end, he has been moderately successful. He introduced the “un-carrier” concept and forced all of the incumbents away from subsidized annual contracts, per-minute long distance voice call metering, and is now challenging the competition on mobile data gouging. He is deliberately changing the US wireless business model to be more like the Europeans.

It’s a little bit like “Survivor” - he was not hired to make friends and he is a total and uncompromising asshole. (He was a well-known asshole at ATT previously). I won’t comment on the technical aspects of Binge-On (I am biased after all)…but this kind of thing is exactly what the Board of Directors and shareholders are demanding from T-Mobile management - to disrupt the status quo.

Actually he’s only 57 - but I agree that he’s trying too hard.


It wasn’t so long ago that T-Mobile was advertising how fast their 4G network was. Now they’re pitching a program to slow it down.

Oh, yes. His response is exactly the type of customer service that I had dealt with whenever I had the unfortunate luck to call T-Mobile. One time I had a guy at the call center scream and swear at me, and then hang up on me (I know, it’s ironic). When I called back to complain, I got the same guy. What are the odds?

I just thought of something…that same guy is probably T-Mobile’s CEO! It was 2005 or 06, so that’s enough time to climb the corporate ladder.

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Oops, not the same guy according to @MikeKStar (maybe his wife was the nice person I talked to on my third attempt?). :confused:

Honestly I’ve never noticed that the video I watch (or music I listen to) was poor quality. I suppose it could be because I’m usually just watching YouTube videos embedded in articles and not movies on Netflix or HBO but I think it’s more likely that it’s just not something that matters on a screen the size of my phone.

I guess they should have been more transparent about how all these zero-rate services actually work but had I known it probably wouldn’t have changed my decision to switch to T-mobile since I was constantly bumping up against my limit on Verizon and it was frustrating (I also needed T-Mobile’s WiFi calling feature). I also like that my phone bill will drop by $30/month once my phone has been paid off. I don’t think Verizon or Sprint ever offered to do that.

I meant to mention that despite being satisfied with T-Mobile in general, John Legere is a total ass.

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