CDC coronavirus "daily update" site takes the weekend off

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Paranoid reply: “They all have the virus!” :cold_sweat:


Government employees working over the weekend?


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The reason WHO has not declared a pandemic is because doing so would trigger all sorts of pandemic clauses in various bonds, insurance contracts, trading options and other legal documents. I wonder how much of the current financial panic is the recognition that at some point WHO is going to have to make that declaration or look increasingly idiotic.


Trump can’t help but Trump.


Yep. He’s a filthy hypocrite. Film at 11.




On the new surgeon general:

WIKI: During his time as Indiana State Health Commissioner, Adams - along with Governor Mike Pence - stymied Indiana’s efforts to deal with the largest HIV outbreak related to injection drug use in the history of the United States. This resulted in interviews for Time magazine,[19] NPR,[20] The New York Times ,[21] USA Today ,[22] and MSNBC.[23]

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Adams asserted on CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper that he’d seen no indication that people who want to be tested for the virus cannot be, despite numerous reports to the contrary. [24]


You’ll either get it and be fine eventually (extremely likely), or die (highly unlikely)

Why worry about this anymore? Worrying isnt going to stop it.

My work just installed alcohol free hand sanitizer pumps all over our building today- only problem is, CDC says anything under 60% alcohol is not guaranteed to do jack shit to this, alcohol free stuff is practically unproven to do anything. An entire industry based off of fear is profiting from loons right now. Washing your hands with normal soap actually does something.

People are buying toilet paper everywhere- why? You think wrapping yourselves in tp is going to keep you safe?

Why bottled water? It’s not spread in the water.

All of my country is even more full of stupid irrational crazy even more than normal- and in Trump USA, thats really impressively saying something.

I don’t think this can be stopped, least of all by the incompetent man acting as a golfing cheese colored snack right now.

People, calm the fuck down, please

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If you’re quarantined to your house for 2 weeks with the potential for diarrhea as a symptom of infection, do you want to run out of TP?


“Stock markets starting to look very good to me!”

Is he looking at numbers from a couple of weeks ago?


proper follow-up question:

how do you intend to regain the public trust after being so unable to acknowledge basic facts?


Bottled water seems to be a bit of a panic commodity trope at this point; but, while that might well be the unimpressive reason behind most of the buying, does anyone have a good sense of just how many people are required to keep their tap water in good order, whether they have any readily available replacements; and what their stocks and lead times are for any relevant chemicals? (Also, apropos of Flint, whether a temporary lapse in treatment standards will merely lead to temporary reduction in water quality or cause issues with the pipes that will take years to sort out).


Proper translation: “I refuse to look at evidence that might cause Il Douche to be angry.”


Liberal doses of alcohol and MJ will provide useful resistance - and if the unthinkable happens at least you’ll be calm.

Unless you drink something more than 60% alcohol, it’s not actually effective as hand sanitizer of any kind. MJ will do nothing.

I agree they’d be useful to keep calm, however.

Soo…this posted earlier by Xeni means nothing to you, eh?

For those of us with weak immune systems and history of respiratory tract infections dying is the extremely likely option, not the other way around.

I’m not sure about supply chain for required chemicals, but from what I seen on tour of Warsaw waterworks, it is all heavily automated and there aren’t that many workers around. There are also insanely large silos storing chemicals necessary for drinking water purification.
Some of the filters were built in 1880’s and are still running with only moderate amount of maintenance:


When you have diarrhea as the result of a virus, it’s considered more sanitary to wipe with toilet paper rather than one’s hand.

No, but it is spread from person to person, and sharing drinking vessels causes it to spread. That’s why all of the coffee shops near me are using paper cups instead of the ceramic mugs they usually use.


Recyclables to the rescue. You can thank me later.