Celebrity voice impressionist switches actors in famous roles


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he’s good!


The John Malkovich as Rose in Titanic had me rolling.


In case nobody’s seen this one -


For me it was John C. Reilly. I could also picture him as Ratso in Midnight Cowboy…


Wow he’s really good. Now I feel like he’s being underutilized in the walking dead but then again I’m not sure how these particular skills could be employed.


Celebrity Family Feud on SNL with Ross Marquand in every role.


Just what I needed today…



I really need to see him do a Negan impersonation.


His john c reilly is superb. Everyone thinks they can do michael caine but it’s surprisingly difficult to get right…


I’ll watch this over Walking Dead any day. Too much walking, not enough dead. And way too much talking.


He’s pretty good, but Gilbert Gottfried doing “The Honymooners: The Movie” is just amazing. James Mason is Ralph, Richard Burton is Norton and, of course, Jack Nickolson IS Alice :slight_smile: This is early Gilbert stuff.


The Michael Caine bit almost dropped me to the floor.

I really need to work on Michael Caine.

Wait, that came out as more of a Liam Neeson line…

Michael Caine doing Michael Caine.


The Talking Dead?


Antonio Banderas - awesome :smiley:


Yeah, that one cracked me up too :grin:


That would be a great way to expand the franchise.

I’m imagining a horde of celebrity zombies, each of which can only be felled by doing an impression of them. Kind of like Typing of the Dead meets stand up comedy.

“Oh that is a killer impression!”


This movie is so stupidly funny I felt like an imbecile while watching it. I experienced a downright undignified level of snarffs and giggles.


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