Charles Stross's "Dark State": transdimensional, nuclear-tipped mutually assured destruction by way of a first-rate spy novel

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Dark State is the sequel to Empire Games, a reboot/latter phase of Charles Stross’s longrunning, excellent economic science fiction/high fantasy Merchant Princes series.


Although I came to Stross by way of his 2005 debut novel Accelerando and have enjoyed his space and singularity stuff (including his collaborations with you, @doctorow), I’ve enjoyed his spy stuff best, the Laundry Files and the Merchant Princes stories.


I’d recommend that rather than read the original 6 books, that people get the new 3 volume version, it was intended to be 3 initially, and having them stuck back together and cleaned up works a bit better. But, if all you can get your hands on is the six, read those, still good.

Those would be the ones “A Merchant Princes Omnibus”, consisting of “The Bloodline Feud”, “The Traders’ War”, and “The Revolution Trade”.

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