Charli XCX music video directed by Eric Wareheim (of Tim & Eric's Awesome Show)


Now don’t you wish you’d bought an extra charger?


A first I was like: :grinning:
Then I was like: :open_mouth:
But then I went: :dizzy_face:

That video was pretty tite… :blush:

Also…if there was ever a reason to buy one of those extra batteries that BB pimps This. Is. It. :heavy_dollar_sign:


For most of us, yes. But I’ll bet there’s at least somebody here who’d be totally into going out that way.

#LMAO tite

I had the most random opportunity to meet Charlie XCX last summer for like 10 minutes.

She is actually a proper musician, with pop sense and a real band, I have to give her props, she gets 'em moving and is not your run of the mill pop-tart.

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