Charlie Brown's favorite jazz pianist

While I like it for the music, the sad little Christmas tree, etc., the part where they basically read from the Bible is somewhat offputting. Yes, I know devout Christians tend to say “Christ is the reason for the season”, etc., but pretty much all the other popular Christmas specials are secular, dealing with Santa, elves, reindeer, etc.

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Not to distract from VG’s trio work with that of another, but I’ve long liked what someone did here:


You’re right about re-suing the animation, but the girl in purple has a twin. Both of them are visible at the end of the show.

That animation is one of the best parts of the show, and works quite well even without the Guaraldi:


@milliefink oh, hey there! I’ve only seen the Outkast one prior to this, and didn’t see your post until after posting.



But I do think the editing’s better in the one I linked. :slight_smile:

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