Chasm between advertising and content is too large

Hey guys.

The milf dating and objectifying t shirt ads are bad enough, but I just got one of those 'The UK is ending!" Fearmonger propaganda ads from Moneyweek.

Any chance you could take control of your ad content? The chasm between your content and the people that pay for it has become too large, and it’s beginning to make you look silly.

Nathan, we’ve been running google ads for nearly a decade now and the bad ones are easily and quickly dealt with. Thanks for the heads up! You know, there’s generally no need to make such a big mascara-streaked fuss about it; we’ve always looked silly.

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I was irked, not upset. Surely you appreciate that coming here for one thing while being marketed another makes for an unpleasant experience; and I’m aware you’ve had them for a long time, which is how I was able to deduce that they’ve gotten worse.

And it’s the wrong kind of silly, in this case.

You are just angry because the UK is ending. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say!


You’re welcome to use adblock!


I do. And it’s made Internet Wonderful Again.

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Ha, I was pretty alarmed the first time I saw the ad…

Come on, you know that’s not the point.

You’re as editorially responsible for your ads as much as your content. You’re endorsing things that you clearly don’t endorse.

Sending your Facebook or Twitter followers to an article about sexism accompanied by, well, sexism, it tarnishes your credibility and exposes your audience to content they don’t want to see. It’s hypocritical given the message much of your content promotes, you’d be the first to call people out for the exact same thing.

Jokes aside you know that’s not cool, I just think it’s about time you took it a bit more seriously.

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We take it seriously enough to take down bad ads, and ban the advertiser from the self-service platform, when they are reported.

But not seriously enough to take down the self-service ad platform.

That is how seriously it is taken.

I am sorry if this is insufficiently serious.

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I guess humour is one way to handle being confronted with your websites hypocrisy.

And incidentally there are a plethora of self serving ad networks that are used by many websites that care about their credibility.

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I dunno, have there been any actual BB entries about other people’s sexist / fearmongering / hypocritical advertising on otherwise not-sexist/fearmongering/etc websites?

Pff, needle in a haystack much? :stuck_out_tongue:

Id say probably.

But I actually meant that kind of thing, I wasn’t quite being that specific. I could certainly find examples of BB contributors damning the kind of content I see advertised on BB.

Quick! Find a milf!


Sucks to be you, they’re all coincidentally in my area, and I hear they can’t wait to meet me!


I just get ads for Big Macs and Old Spice. A MILF here and there might be a nice change.

Don’t bogart, man.

I wouldn’t mind the odd old spice ad. Must be all those milf dating sites littering my internet history.

Here’s a thought, I wonder if saturating this page with the keyword ‘milf dating’ is making matters worse…

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