ChatGPT generates Windows keys

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This is sort of amazing and scary. It can only mean, I suppose, that among the training data are a lot of forums and such where people post keys. It suggests that there are probably other unscrupulous data sets hiding in there as well. Remember that LLMs are just averaging all the data they find related to a topic, and simply regurgitating much of it. So if it can “generate” keys, that means it has absorbed keys posted somewhere online.

Will ChatGPT “generate” credit card numbers? Social security numbers? Can it dox people just by asking? I’m sure someone has tried all these things and if it works, we simply aren’t hearing about it yet.


If it’s actually providing GVLKs then it’s entirely possible that it picked them up straight from Redmond; or (perhaps more probably) in the numerous forum posts and varyingly lucid threads by and for people looking to optimize their personal software licensing costs.

The GVLKs are essentially just placeholders that allow a system to complete and install or upgrade operation before being able to reach a KMS server for confirmation; so they are openly available.

If they are normal VLKs those would still be pretty easy to come by; but within the realm of not-supposed-to-be-public.


Lol, omg… wow. I love the prompt for it too. I thought this would be a story about AI-generated keyboard shortcut keys for Windows, as the picture accompanying the story is the Windows key. So to satisfy me and perhaps others who thought the same, here is a ChatGPT-generated list of Windows keys:

  1. The Quantum key: Initiates a quantum random number generator that creates unpredictable and random effects on the screen.
  2. The Serendipity key: Opens a random file or document from your computer, providing unexpected surprises.
  3. The Esoteric key: Transforms the cursor into a mystical symbol that can be used to draw mysterious patterns on the screen.
  4. The Synchronicity key: Aligns all open windows into a perfectly synchronized choreographed display.
  5. The Time Warp key: Warps the desktop into a retro-themed interface from a specific era (e.g., 80s, 90s, etc.).
  6. The Cryptic key: Displays a series of cryptic messages on the screen that require deciphering to unveil hidden Easter eggs.
  7. The Infinity key: Generates an infinite loop of fractal patterns that continuously morph and evolve on the screen.
  8. The Dreamscape key: Takes a screenshot of your desktop and transforms it into a surreal, dream-like landscape as the new wallpaper.
  9. The Transmogrify key: Randomly transforms all icons on the desktop into different shapes and objects.
  10. The Interdimensional key: Opens a portal to a parallel universe where everything on your screen appears upside-down or mirrored.

Yes, Yes, and Yes!!!

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See how general it is and d try different relatives?


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