Cheap 3D Printer that works with metal

Honestly, the level of obsessive self-delusion around the evolution of manufacturing is phenomenal. Some high-profile businesses have moved towards 3DP, but in general the idea that things will be made the same way in 50 years as now is absurd.

Utterly, wonderfully, amusingly, absurd.

I’m campaigning for the PTA to fund 3 x 3DPs for my kids’ school. Give 'em some Raspberry Pis and presto - Kids In Business.

OK, so I’m the 100% shareholder - but you know what? To the victor, the spoils.

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[quote]The open-source Michigan project, here, offers a bill of materials costing just under $US1,200 to build the 3D printer, controlled by a Linux computer.

The printer, described in detail here, produces steel components…[/quote]

I got no further before suddenly needing to change my underwear.

Bring on the democratisation of manufacturing, baby… here we go.


And we’re at the beginning of the curve. Right at square beautiful one.

How long till we have a baseball sized pocket gadget that can 3dp in multi-materials, creating strong structures by hyper-efficiently using minimal materials?

Watch the manufacturers try to buy up the tech and square it away. As the whole thing opens up, and more people know how to do it, there will be a moment we will call the sea-change, when every goddamn thing became cheap and low-polluting.

Jeez - what about baseball-sized gizmos that de-construct our old stuff into elements and re-uses the recovered materials?

Ah - I love the future.

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