Cheap DVD reader

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$17 dollar, you no holler.

Blingco brand eh?

Magnetbox Sorny

I’d rather get an Asus equivalent for $8 more.


My dad had a Magnetbox dealership way back in mid-century! :wink:


Oh right! Wasn’t that next to the Honida and Toyanota dealership?


It’s powered by two USB cables, one that supplies only power:


Maybe you only need one cable if you’re using USB 3.0? But that USB port is white, not blue. Maybe you need two cables to burn and one to read?

In any event, the Amazon reviews are not kind.


Not just the wrong color, it’s the wrong shape for USB-3.0.

I use an Apple supedrive, which is incredibly annoying because it must be plugged into one of the mac’s sockets, not through the hub. A USB-C drive that takes advantage of the enhanced power delivery. would be much more convenient.

(I have a cheap hdmi input that proudly sports a blue plug, but it’s usb 2.0. And sucks.)

Why not get a real LG or LiteON for the same price and have it actually work for a few years? :thinking:

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Which tells you it’s a very old design. Even USB 2.0 drives have only needed one cable for a few years now.

Fun Fact! If you buy one of these so your wife can watch DVDs on her Chromebook you’re out of luck because Google (reasonably) saw no reason to pay to have the ability to decode DVDs…


Some things never change. Looks just like my IBM box from the naughty aughties. 20 years and still works fine.

It’s becoming increasingly hard to buy a case that will fit a 5.25" drive, but I managed to find one last time I bought a new case.
Since then I’ve used my DVD drive about once a month (to rip CDs), so really I should have just bought something like this.

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:point_up: this. I bought one of these no-brand cheapo drives and it stopped working pretty quickly. Second time, I went for the shiny Asus.

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I did the same thing to my latest build for my mom. it’s not like they have improved the ones that go inside the pc, and this way I save $17 every 3 or 4 years :slight_smile:

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