Cheapo LED lightbulbs the "single worst device I've ever bought"


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And the ‘internet of things’ continues to shatter no stereotypes whatsoever…


Light bulbs on the internet. Insecure light bulbs you can hack into and crash over the internet!

At last the future is here!


It’s just not evenly illuminated :bulb:


The future: giving us what we didn’t know we needed and don’t really want.


We have a few review and approval processes for products that have been set up to protect consumers from electrical hazards, choking, fire hazards, etc. When do get a consumer protection group that will review and approve or deny products like these?


As long as these “internet of things” are adult toys or niche products*, there probably won’t be one.

*: Maybe they have some use for some people or possibly hotels, but phones right now are single task devices. I wouldn’t want to have pause what I’m doing on my phone then open the light’s app, change the settings, then go back to whatever I was doing when the alternative is to reach over and flip a switch — something I don’t even need to use my eyes to do after the 3rd time.


I’m waiting for insecure, connected toilets. Then i can properly pun about how shitty the internet of things is.



telnetd was just feeling unappreciated over the past quarter century, that’s all

think of its feelings


Is that Devo? Because if it’s not, it should be.


Few things anger me more than manufacturers shoving a lower case “i” in front of their shitty product’s name in an attempt to look cool/sell more.

tl;dr: wasn’t gonna.


I’d think the baby monitor fiasco would’ve tipped the scale on a decision resting on this particular pivot point…


I’ve seen that image before, on this site I think, and no, it’s the wrong number of guys.


#HACK THE well-lit PLANET!


“The Internet of Things” is solving a problem; it’s just not one of -your-
Big Data, that is to say, the business of mining people’s personal information for commercial gains via obtuse legalese and facebook style communication traps is reaching a profit ceiling.

The next frontier is of course, the home and being certain of what you do there.
I suspect that to make this work, Big Data companies are going to have to tie some serious incentives into using their new systems, because it’s looking like their old systems aren’t growing anymore.


[quote=“beschizza, post:1, topic:74233”]
And the bulbs are shitty anyway.
[/quote]Is this where I come to feel vindicated and say that halogens are staggeringly better?


In my experience, the Cree LEDs at Home Depot are affordable and very decent quality.

Whatever you do, don’t buy the IKEA brand LEDs. They’re cheap and tempting but last a few months at best.


Sure, IKEA’s Skrundooten bulbs are garbage, but their Groggendorkifs are great, and the Plopplipdinkens, if you can find them, are fantastic. Just don’t misplace the Allen key.


I can’t believe you misspelled Skründøøten. Any IKEA shopper knows that!

I always end up buying the lousy bulbs and regret it afterwards. I think the tasty meatballs lull me into giving them my money.