Check out these amazing sf movies made by Nigerian teens

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I love their stuff. Like nature, Creativity always finds a way.


The short sequence starting at 7:30 is particularly good, great editing and cinematography up to and including the foot-stomp. Interesting that they thought the subtitle “(pleading for mercy)” was needed!


I’ve seen a lot of these little movies. These guys are so good. Not just kids who want to throw some garbage up on YouTube and hope to be famous for 15 minutes.
These movies are the genesis of the next Tarantinos.


At 5:18, the line “you owe me nothing” is delivered whilst the camera films the back of the protagonist’s head. Works so fucking well.
The director shows an ability to work with surprising camera angles and still deliver. Another example is the fight with two opponents filmed downwards with the protagonist at the far end and on lower ground. Also the end of the boss fight is concluded by filming the underside of the protagonist’s foot stomping downwards.
Would love to see what he can do in a typical drama film, not sci-fi. For example, how about two lovers arguing but we never see their faces, it’s just their voices and body language.


Thanks for sharing.
These teens will be taking Nollywood by storm.
Blender has helped out a lot of productions. The fact that they’re using cellphones to shoot should mean there are no excuses for the gearhead filmmakers around the world whose gear is collecting dust.

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