Check out these Mœbius style illustrations for Robinhood's new identity

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Ugh, so irresponsible, you should never use your phone while riding a hover-Pringle.


These are wonderful, but Robinhood has had a lot to answer for…


We wanted to show what a world might look like if we all had access to systems of wealth creation.

Well that would require you start by completing dismantling the current system of wealth hoarding by a small minority who prey on everyone else. Investing is a form of gambling, and risky. A good job with good pay and good benefits… that’s solid wealth creation, and easy enough to make happen if folks had the will. But no, let’s convince everyone to “play the market,” a game only a few will ever win.

Note: I’m probably talking out my ass here, I know little about Robinhood in particular. Correct me if I’m wrong someone. But I tend to be very dubious about the idea that we ALL can get wealthy playing the stock market.



Fuck you, predator.


Formerly “Moose Jaw Milling Company“, I never knew.

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They are arguably worse than average; best known for their work on adding the ‘gamification’ stuff that sleazy pay2win games use to reel in the whales to the already-questionable business of uninformed investment.

Pretty much as wonderful as you’d expect from the bastard child of Zynga and the financial services sector. Hopefully they paid well; because the flacks at Collins should feel good and soiled after working with them.


Easy enough for the fortunate. One need only look at the legacies of persistent structural inequality to observe that it’s far easier for some than others.

One of the main (though by no means the only) criticisms of Robinhood is that their model is to make investing as east as downloading an app which appeals to new investors with inadequate financial literacy. Payment for order flow also arguably creates a perverse incentive at odds with any nominal fiduciary duty to the client.

The idea that everyone can invest is a nice one, but without financial literacy it can go very wrong. It’s the facile tech-bro version of investment democratization, flippant about the real risks and hazards in the name of rose-tinted utopianism.



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You had me at “Zynga.” That explains everything I need to know.


Yep make no mistake. Their business model gamifies trades and picks up the crumbs of arbitrage by handling the trades. They have no incentive and no interest in investors making any profit at all. This app is bad and there are stories coming out as to how bad.

They do not care. The beautiful future they imagine is not part of their business plan.


It’s technically there. As the bait wrapped around the hook; but still.


The illustrations, I like.

Financial services, the advertising industry, and financial-services advertising can all go suck a fuck.

Also, it seems like this agency was too busy profaning all that is sacred to be able to spell “Syd Mead” or “ligne claire”, despite pretending to care deeply about those things for money.


That’s some good shilling there, did robinhood pay for this ad copy?


I just started reading The World of Edena recently, and learned in the intro it came about as a commercially-sponsored book put out by Citroen. Citroen is even featured in product placements, but the whole thing is totally classic far-out Moebius. It’s great btw, can’t wait to keep going!

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I love Moebius. Especially The Airtight Garage.


Yet another entity that cheapens and draws suspicion to the term “inspired by”.


Maybe it’s just me, but this whole thing reads like a joke on millennial creative directors.

Another soon to be forgotten piece of “content marketing” designed to present a finance bro startup look like it came straight outta planet Elon.

Side thought: I wonder if Mark reads the comments anymore…

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He dun a nice series of illos for Hermès toward the end of his life, which have nothing to do with the brand apart from loosely riffing on the mythological namesake, though the whole business is still very problematic.


I saw the originals of those last year at an exhibition. Beautiful.
That man could draw/paint.

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