Check out this cool Japanese guitar from the 80s with a built-in cassette player

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Polaroid SX-70__Neat!


It’s so funny because my friend sent me the same listing. We used to have a band that was just us on guitars with beats off of an iPod, and I lamented that we didn’t have this because it would have been so much cooler to play the beats on tape off one of our guitars (or both even!).


Uuuugh turn off the TV before shooting your YouTube video

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That’s what I thought it would look like. How’s it sound?

The tape deck could be used to record loops of your own playing,

Obviously a standard blank tape wouldn’t loop – seems you’d probably have to make your own looped tape, unless you could find one available for purchase somewhere.

These days live looping is still pretty popular, but a lot of folks prefer any of the various digital looping solutions readily available.

The tape deck could be used to record loops of your own playing, or with pre-recorded accompaniment — and you could control the speed/pitch of the playback, too.

During a [Mission of Burma] performance, [sound engineer Martin Swope] would record material while the band was playing a song – usually these bits would be pre-worked out (a vocal bit, drum hits, guitar noise, etc.) Then, while we went on playing, he would feed this back into the mix at the appropriate time: sometimes he had twisted the tape half-over to make it play backwards; or drop or raise the speed the tape was playing at, whatever was appropriate. (source: MoB website)

Here’s a studio example of a MoB song with tape manipulations (this time courtesy of John Weston) of the lead guitar (and some of the vocals).


I love guitars that are about everything except learning to play the damn guitar.

Also it’s why I love modular synthesizers.

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I didn’t know how bitchin tape could be till a friend lent me a tascam porta studio. Shocking what you can do with tape!

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It seems there was a series of pre-recorded tapes you could buy to play to

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And these seem to sell for a LOT less in Japan than in that Reverb listing

You can’t know how much I wanted one of those back then. Alas, budget.

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