Check out this rare photograph of a triplet galaxy

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Whenever I see these deep, deep sky images it just makes me think of the potentially untold countless civilizations, empires that could have risen, fallen and faded into nothingness that we will never, ever know.


“Arp 195” is going to the title of my next acid jam. With three interweaving 303 lines. Cosmic inspiration!


Crazy to think we are seeing today, something happened over 700 million years ago.


So this may be a dumb question, but here goes: would it be possible to survive on a planet within one of those galaxies? Considering the size and speed that would define such an event, I imagine everything would be okay until the forces of gravity began to impact your solar system, and once the orbit of your planet (or more likely the relative condition of your sun as I suspect it would get affected first), everything would be hunky dory. Generations could survive before it all would start to go sideways I guess. And that all assumes that there was time enough for life to develop.

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Galactic 3ways! HOT!!!

They are millions of light years away and we have beautiful color photos, and yet I still can’t get a clear backside pic of the man in the UK with three buttocks.

The stars are all really far apart so I’m not sure how badly the planets orbits could be affected; but I think the biggest danger may be rather if the system’s “oort cloud” is perturbed you’re going to have a lot of comets and other debris crossing paths with the planets.


Yes. But like with so many things in life, it’s location, location, location. And timing.

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