Cheese powder: What is it?


I’m not sure that using whey as an additive is bad, as it’s a byproduct of cheese manufacture. It’s a good source of protein and weightlifters consume the stuff by the scoop. It can also be used to make other types of cheese that many people enjoy.

The oils and dyes, well, that’s a bit less appetizing. I’d be curious to see what the actual quantities are.


Brings to mind one of my favorite Wondermarks:

Wondermark » Archive » #601; The Discovery that Changed the World

However, I do disagree with the comic, licking the stuff off of one’s fingers is an essential part of the cheese puff experience.


but what if i DO want to make my own cheese powder, now that kraft is being forced to change their iconic one? : (

I’m less than ready to say that American’s love Cheese. Americans love Cheese-type food product.

Now, French-speaking people, as a rule, they LOVE cheese. Et les petits chatons.


I must be a genius then. I have for years used disposable chopsticks to eat doritos and chips. Only way to do so while using the keyboard. Do you all have cheesey keys?

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Next time you think, think Fertnel!

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