Children, 7 and 10, were under lifetime gag order in fracking settlement

One of the goals of incorporation is to limit the financial and legal liability of its officers. It works well, which is why you seldom see any of them go to jail.


That’s because it would be really really stupid to go around arresting some grandma and taking her home and other possessions because she happens to be a share holder of a company that goes bankrupt or is found negligent in some way.

It is sentiment like yours that is highly dangerous because if taken seriously it would bring the economy to a grinding halt in a matter of days if not a few hours. No small business or start up would ever be formed again without limited liability.

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Yes, beware my mighty sentiment, which shall bring down the whole capitalist system! lol

Also, shareholders have very limited say in what happens in a corporation, day-to-day. It’s the decision makers that need to held accountable.


They already are! When they break the law they go to jail. No one gets a get out of jail free card because of limited liability.

I needed that laugh, thanks!


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Not sure what to say here that won’t sound… I don’t know… like a conspiracy theorist, so I’ll just post without comment…

During the proceedings, the attorney representing Range Resources,
James Swetz, reaffirmed the company sought the gag order on the
children. “I guess our position is it does apply to the whole family.
We would certainly enforce it,” he told the court.

Yeah, this bothers me too. Why do we keep having all these movies with these conversations about science, where people are saying ‘just because you CAN do it doesn’t mean you should’

Have these people looked around the real world? Just because you CAN tell people not to tell the truth doesn’t man you should. Just because you CAN foreclose this home doesn’t mean you should. Just because you CAN arrest someone who’s harming nobody on a technicality doesn’t mean you should.

We’ve got it all backwards.

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I agree. But I think to them that this is the real world. They do these things because they have and power to shape the legal order to their own liking. It really is a different set of rules for people with money and people without. As a friend of mine recently noted, our system works, in that it was set in motion by rich white men and that is precisely who it overwhelmingly still serves.

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And we can do much, much better.

Timely post actually, I and a few others were forced to change tactics to describe a solution that’s . . . absurdly clever and impossible for them to fight effectively. :smile:

Feel free to contribute/help/inspire/lead. We can fix this! We just need to work together at it, and we’ve got a trick!

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