Chill out with this 30-minute lofi hip-hop remix of THE MANDALORIAN theme song

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Except it’s not a 30-minute loft remix, it’s a 2 minute loft remix repeated 15 times. I hate those kinds of lies in YouTube video titles, and I hate those kind of lies in BoingBoing article titles.

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Somehow the repetition, albeit soothing, underscores the uncredited homage to the four note ADAD Ennio Morricone from the Good the Bad and the Ugly theme. ah well, upon the shoulders of giants…

I think that’s a tribute and it shows up in other soundtracks too, like the Wilhelm scream which I’m pretty sure I also heard in S2E4. (But I did not like that episode at all… it was too much of a tribute to the films, some of it almost shot for shot.)

lofi youtube channels ftw

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