China is on a massive bitcoin buying spree


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preparing to dump dollars come inauguration day I see.


China is on a massive bitcoin buying spree

They got that go’n for them.


Not nearly enough.
No, Chinese plans are long term. Look at the joint project with Russia to bridge the Amur river, knocking 3500km off the journey by land from the populated Chinese East to the far North and the opening up of the Arctic. Chinese plan B is not to disengage from the US but to hedge their bets with investment on the other side of the Pacific. This time the Greater Asia Co-prosperity Area is going to be Chinese led.


So does this mean that bitcoin is no longer collapsing?



Or a new Willybot, considering Bitcoin’s history of faked exchange volume and reliance on unregulated will-not-comply with KYC institutions.


Bitcoin was fed to the sharks near its introduction, when it was $2.

Wanted to buy in, but realized the structure was very much like a pyramid scheme, in that the mining required to actually make the funds was getting exponentially ludicrous.

Proof-of-storage coins like Storj will be the future. For now, buy physical goods that will get you through the nuclear winter!


Hey cool! I’ve got some rare and special currency based on numbers I developed myself, I wonder if I could sell them to China?


Yeah but Bitcoin is the . . . uhhh. . . “gold standard” in cryptocurrency.



B-b-but…JuggaloCoin. :confused:


I thought they just used those Chuck E. Cheese tokens.


But what are the Chinese feelings on Dogecoin?


China’s investment with bitcoin has got nothing what so ever to do with capital investment and everything to do with so very naughty planned shenanigans and also getting it’s hooks into traders and holders of bitcoins (criminally useful individuals who can be bought and manipulated).

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