China lifts game console ban

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I’d honestly be curious to know what took them so long. It isn’t a big secret that people game like crazy on computers(presumably more so in absence of a legal console market); and, given the PRC’s enthusiasm for ‘content filtering’, I would have imagined that the state would have seen the desirability of encouraging availability of gaming systems that are quite powerful for what they cost, have lots of high-production-value titles; but are locked to hell and back for region enforcement and antipiracy purposes.

Sure, in the ideal world of aging party bureaucrats, kids these days wouldn’t be gaming at all; but if they are going to be gaming, what could be better than consoles that are region-locked to the Chinese market and will only play games blessed by the vendors(who, if they want to keep doing business, will be pretty cooperative about not blessing chinese-region games that the government disapproves of), rather than PCs that will play anything you can buy or pirate?

It just seems like such an obvious win, and a very easy one.


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