China's panicked upper middle class are easy picking for offshore real estate scams


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Prices always go up in any market. Just sign here.


Also, some (a lot?) of the anti-corruption reforms are just Xi Jinping quashing actual or potential rivals, and generally tightening his control over CCP, and CCP’s control over China. If I was mainland Chinese with some wealth, I’d be looking for ways to establish a bolt hole somewhere else too, even if I wasn’t any more corrupt than anyone else around.


When greed is your motivator, well everyones easy pickens.


This is so strange, it’s like watching greed eat itself. If there wasn’t a good chance of my money getting sucked into this financial madness, I’d find watching it all unfold very entertaining.


A lot of new appartments here in Frankfurt are bought up by asian investors. The city is actually trying to block that as much as possible to prevent it from getting to a situation like in London where whole cityblocks are empty because they have been bought up by arabian, russian or chinese investors.


Well, as China takes the place of the USA in the world, it’s only natural that they’d also refigure PT Barnum’s (non-)quote:
“You’ll never go broke, betting on the stupidity of the American people”


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