Chinese enthusiasts are serving global Thinkpad fans by making modern motherboards that fit in classic chassis from the Golden Age of the Thinkpad

That’s an interesting take you have there. Personally, I don’t consider other people who want something different from me in their laptop wackos or off their rockers, but you do you.


you can’t get Lenovo’s best-in-the-world warranty service on your weird Chinese Frankenthinkpad.

You can’t get Lenovo’s best-in-the-world warranty service on your brand-new Thinkpad any more, either.

I bought a T580 a few months ago, arrived practically DOA (I changed a BIOS setting and it bricked the machine; a known issue according to the forums), and even though I paid extra for Premier support, it took two weeks(!!) for a tech to turn up to replace the mainboard. In that time, I’d ordered a replacement screen for my predecessor laptop from a rando ebay seller, installed it, and was back up and running on the old machine.

If anyone else was making half-decent machines with a nipple (I cannot get used to a trackpad, it’s RSI central), I’d switch in a heartbeat.




I try to do a max laptop buy rate of 1 in 5 years. Also because I hate the needed research work with a passion.

Laptop manufactorers seem to go out of their way to always make at least 1 aspect of their product horrible.


Dell has some models(not sure exactly which do/don’t their days; we are currently evaluating the 7490 which does) that have a trackpoint-alike; it’s adequateish but the feel isn’t quite as tight(much like the keyboard). I wouldn’t necessarily expect better results from Dell support than from Lenovo support, however.

I’ve mostly had good results with Lenovo support(one case where a T450s had a part allegedly on order for ages; otherwise quick, efficient; and thankfully rarely needed); but Dell’s actual-business-support isn’t bad; though the consumer stuff is wildly uneven(I had a system affected by the Sandy Bridge SATA defect and they had a tech onsite to swap the motherboard out in short order despite it being consumer trash; I’ve also had…less positive experiences; and managed to be on hand in a couple of cases where a real lemon went out(270/280 capacitor plague era and early 790 ‘10+ percent PSU failure within 6 months’ were fun).)

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… and Nope.

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I was very interested up until that part. Some people may think $1200 is just pocket change, but I have to think hard before spending just a fraction of that. Sending that amount of money to what could be a back hole is a hard nope for me too.


I loved me some T40’s and T41’s, and before that the T30. These days I use T530’s (large screen) and T430 (small screen), which incidentally I had no problem installing Ubuntu on. There’s a never ending supply of these on eBay as “off lease” pristine models for like $200 shipped with SSD drives. These are getting a bit long in the toof though, so I’ve been meaning to find a newer old Thinkpad. But oof, the touchpads on the newer models… Can laptop builders please stop trying to imitate Apple? Especially if they’re going to do it so uselessly?

And if anyone knows of a decent large form factor laptop successor to the T530, I’d love to hear it.

And on the subject of dongles, obligatorily:


Yep. Agreed. One might as well shove the $1200 up one’s arse. (Well, you did talk about sending the money to a ‘back hole’.)

It’s because lowest common denominator leads to volume and profit. Whereas highest common factor has far fewer fans with enough money to make it worthwhile.

The joys of proofreading when you are dyslexic.

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I ought to have known better - mentioning of any ‘shoving up arse’ was possibly going to end up with some Trainspotting unpleasantness. Well played.

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