Chinese millionaire sues himself through an offshore shell company to beat currency export controls


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Very cool. Elegant and simple way to route around the Politburo.


My hat’s off to you Sir!


is the photo related to the article?


Late stage capitalism?


Late-stage Post-Maoist Pseudo-Capitalism.


If the Chinese government is reading this, I would be prepared to contribute towards the bullet.

These people are not enterprising capitalists; they are looters. Putin’s popularity in Russia has a lot to do with his own pursuit of similar looters (a lot are now in the UK which refuses to extradite them).


Interesting way to describe oligarchs raping their own people (metaphorically) for cash and then trying to smuggle the money out before their government gets wind of it.


By the Gospel of BoingBoing everyone with more than “enough” money is certainly raping and pillaging entire economies.


Well, you know what they say,

Where there’s a will,
a lawyer
and a pile of money
there’s a way.


late staged capitalism.


Those people sure are assholes.


Well in this case these bastards really are committing fraud to loot their fellow countrymen, so maybe you might want to cheer them less rather than curse a fictional contempt of all wealthy people by your fellow Boingers? It’s your call, of course.


Better a cheerleader for a Chinese oligarch (and have no stake in the situation) than risk having their tongue stuck permanently up their own boss’s behind. Let them get a breath.


@AcerPlatanoides @nemomen so “eat some of the rich”?


No, it’s “praising corruption by oligarchs is strange behavior.” I judge people on a case by case basis, rich or otherwise. The specific corrupt people you were praising for their fraud deserve none.


I praised the technique and routing around bathe Politburo not any individuals


He’s the kind of person that makes both countries involved in the migration worse off … Sadly we’re getting too many of them


So you praise the corruption, not the corrupt people. I see. We’re done here.


Hate the game not the player, homie.