CIA nominee ran a secret torture prison and destroyed evidence of it


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The idea that the laws of this nation don’t apply to governmental employees when they are on foreign soil has got to be challenged. Our laws concerning due process never stipulate that due process is only a restriction on govt actions within the U.S… The very notion is ridiculous.


In other words, Trump has finally found his ideal nominee for the position.


Annnnd why is she still at CIA?


Because Obama didn’t have the guts to purge the ranks of the evil bastards who thrived and bred under W’s regime. He took torture out of the official policy handbook, but he didn’t even try to do anything to prevent the next president from putting it back in.

Obama was the best president America has had in a long fucking time. He was also at the same time the worst kind of neoliberal, who inherited a mess from his predecessor and instead of cleaning house, he just slapped on a coat of paint. Instead of looking at US foreign policy and saying, “Gee, what we’ve been doing has been making people hate us the world over, maybe we should change that,” he said, “with these tools, we can finally kill all the people who we don’t like. If people continue to not like us, it means we have to use these tools more often.”


Ah, the swamp swelleth.


Trump usually hires them more evil, but less competent.


Worst is as worst does.


Well if she didn’t destroy the evidence, then it wouldn’t be a secret torture prison, would it? Do you people even know how the CIA works?



This sounds like a Homeland episode, not reality. Cue the Claire Danes crying face.


So she’ll fit right in at the CIA.

Edit: Has she funded any right-wing paramilitaries in any foreign countries, helping them to lead a coup d’état then hold onto a dictatorship? Then she be the perfect candidate.


Carter initiated a considerable RIF at the CIA after taking office. And look what it got him.


Unlike Trump, Obama is a smooth talker, but he’s also an evil bastard. Look up “double tap”. Drone strikes where you first strike people you suspect of being “terrorists” and then a little bit later when people run to help, you do a second strike killing them too. To keep down the number of innocent killed the administration decided that all military-age males were to be considered legitimate targets.

Only president who managed to remain a decent person in office was Carter, and naturally he is ranked as one of the worst presidents in USA.



Because CIA abuses enjoy bipartisan support.


I don’t think it’s the job of the CIA to make the world love us. There’s a certain amount of sense in not tying the hands of the people who are dealing with the likes of Al Qaeda. The CIA’s mission is inherently dirty and unpopular, but that doesn’t mean it is unnecessary.


Carter armed the Indonesians while they were slaughtering East Timor.



For fuck’s sake.




Neither of these true statements is a justification for inhuman actions like torture, and renditions of detainees to countries that happily allow brutal violations of human rights. Nor do they justify the CIA destroying the evidence of its own violations of law. Nor do they justify the avoidance of the legal consequences for these actions.