Circuit Playground: explaining LEDs with cool puppets

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Gosh, I sure love stuff like this. Thanks BB!


I liked that, but they "told me everything about the wasp, except why.”

Why does the chrystal light up? That’s the big question.


I was trying to think of how to do this in the easiest way possible, so as to match the video, but it is hard.

Basically the color of light is determined by the energy of the photon. The energy of the photon is determined by the energy bands of the crystal. Therefore by choosing crystals with different bands you can get different color light.


I was thinking the same thing. It was just magic. But I guess that’s an ok intro explanation.

I thought it was cute, but I’m unsure about the sound-engineering for the robot voice… could anyone make out any of the names (I think that’s what they were?) in the intro sequence? I think maybe the green LED is called Guth?

Yes, something like that. See, that’s the problem, I was hoping the puppets would make it easier.

The four featured here were: Adabot, Ruby, Billie (as in Billie Holiday) and Gus.

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