Circular reasoning is bad because it isn't good

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I like the blurb for this one. Very informative and hookish without being clickbaity.

Logical fallacies are good to know about because they are good to know about. :wink:


circular reasoning and begging the question are not logical fallacies. such arguments are valid. Take the argument:
People like butts because people like butts.
It is not possible to hold the premise “people like butts” and deny the conclusion “people like butts”. Hence this argument form is valid.

The problem with circular reasoning and begging the question is not that they are fallacious. Such arguments are tautologies. They are true in all possible worlds. The problem is that, as tautologies, such arguments do not tell us anything about the world.

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Well, I like big butts, and I cannot lie.


I like taut… … …ologies.


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