Clarion Workshop now accepting applications for sf writers to learn with Lynda Barry, Nalo Hopkinson, CC Finlay...and me!

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Lynda Barry? Man, how I’d love to see a hardcore sci-fi version of Marlys.


I so wanted to go this year, and was torn between Clarion and Clarion West, both of which have great staff lined up (Connie Willis at Clarion West was the way I was leaning). But, alas, six weeks off from work is not doable, even if I could swing the financing (which would be tight, but manageable). I’d have to go without pay a few weeks even if they gave me a sabbatical, and with three kids, that’s not affordable.

Oh well, maybe in another year or two!

How about Cruddy in Space ?


There’s always Viable Paradise, a very similar workshop, but structured to be easier for people with day jobs – I’ve also taught there and recommend it.

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I’ll definitely give that a look, thanks for the reply.

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