Classic game Another World implemented as hardware

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Wow, that brings back some memories. I’d love another Amiga, with an SD card drive and like that. I know emulators exist, but it’s not the same.


Was Charles Arcola really involved in this project? Or just Eric Chahi?

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I often wonder how comparably infinite resources for modern developers may have stifled innovations.
Games like Lords of Midnight and Elite in their original forms were stunning achievements, driven by people pushing past conventionally defined boundaries using interesting tricks.


Such a great game, despite not having much replay value. We had it for the SNES, and I think my older brother may have gotten through it once. A couple of years ago I got it on the PS4 and finally experienced the entirety of the game. I would gladly play more like it.


I just look at modern install sizes and think exactly the same thing. I’ve always thought the push for photo-real and high fidelity graphics has stifled this industry. Just look at what a game like Dwarf Fortress or Rimworld is doing in terms of world simulation compared to what your typical big budget game delivers.


Some of it is object oriented language implementations. It’s really hard for the compiler/linker to strip out all the bits of class libraries that are never actually used, and there’s a cascade as those bits pull in other unneeded chunks and so on.

I miss good linkers that could strip huge libraries down only the exact code/data used.

It’s not OO in general, but how the compilers use v-tables that cause the problem. It used to be possible to configure compilers not to use them, but now it’ll probably break a whole lot of stuff.


I’m a Jeff Minter fan, and he’s still making software using his own code. Polybius, despite being an absolutely mind-blowing VR experience, takes up a relatively dainty 1.5GB, and that’s big for a Llamasoft game.
His latest, Akka Arrh, takes up 185MB.


I wish i could just download an app of this to play on my mac!

you can get it through steam for macos. ( it’s available as an app for ios )

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only for 32bit :frowning:


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