Closed after 6 hours?


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Why’d this one get closed so quickly?


I was going to post the same thing…


@Falcor noticed and is querying the person who closed it.


Was the person who closed it a moderator? If so, is he new, because I’ve never seen him moderating before…


There is a moderator badge by the username.

Search users for “zogstrip” to have a look at the profile.


Sorry, was a mistake. This wasn’t the thread I wanted to auto-close… I re-opened it :wink:

I’m a member of the Discourse core team, btw. I’m following all the meta categories we have on most of the Discourse instances in order to fix bugs whenever they happen :wink:


I did, but I just now realized that he has a little trophy/moderator thingie next to his name… I guess they are the only ones to have that awesome, awesome power of topic-closing.


Thank you!

glad this is all fixed!

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