Colombia seizes 1 metric ton of printer ink diluted with cocaine

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You know printer ink is expensive when they start cutting it with cocaine.


They don’t make red printer ink, so tell me they were caught magenta+yellow handed…


The headline, alas, appears to be a bit misleading.

black zinc oxide printer toner

Much cheaper than inkjet fuel, if I’m not mistaken.


I believe this is a typo, should be Sinaloa.

Sorry, I should have @frauenfelder so it could be fixed.

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It was a deliberate typo. Mark removed the extra ‘a’ to save us some valuable toner/ink. :slight_smile:


So… regular ink is NOT diluted with cocaine?

Then why so expensive?!

Go figure…


So that’s why my printer has been running at 473 pages per minute.


I’m sure The Onion would approve of this article post.

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Pretty good idea, all things considered.

What’s the fusing temperature of cocaine?

Black snow!

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Our Wiki overlords report a melting point of 98 degrees. No data available on thermal cycle required for optimal adhesion to standard paper types.

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they should have used white toner powder

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Printer ink is only pricy for home printers. Large commercial inkjets (and by large, I mean printers that can print on rolls several meters wide) use ink which is if anything more fancy than home inkjet ink (as it’s designed to be used outside, or on unusual materials), but the cartridges are relatively cheap.
Ok, it is about £70 for one colour, but that’s for 440ml of ink (almost a pint).

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Reminds me of this. Wondering how much has changed since 2008.

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A very black black ale!

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