Comcast is terrible because it is "too big to function"


It’s a good thing that their desired merger includes lots of totally non-binding assurances that it couldn’t possibly make customer service even more dysfunctional. I might worry otherwise.


Sounds like grounds to deny their latest merger attempt to me. But we all know that won’t happen because regulatory capture.


This point exactly is why speaking to a Comcast CSR fills me with cognitive dissonance. On one hand, the person I’m speaking to represents a company that I’m growing to hate more and more and I want to rail at them. On the other, that particular person had little to do with the corporate policy that’s dictating their actions, so they don’t really deserve it.

The person I spoke to about my particular issue seemed a little trapped when he told me he didn’t have the “power” to help me. Almost as if he expected me to take out my frustrations on him. He hadn’t been rude so there was no real reason to be upset with him. I know what a job, even one as personally restraining his, can mean at a time like this. It always makes me wonder who it is I should be angry at? It’s not this poor bastard I spoke to, and likely not his direct superior either. The policies that control these peoples workdays come from much higher up and are abstracted.

What can one do, in these circumstances? The only thing I came up with is let the CSR know that the policy is ridiculous and end the service on those grounds if you can. But don’t take it out on the CSR unless they personally crossed some line.


Too big to fail or too big to function? I’ll take door number 3.


And yet, b/c it is a corporation with lots of money, lawyers, lobbyists and public relations capability, it’s BEHAVIOR is not held to the same standards (socially or legally) as a real person’s would be.


Too big to exist?


I worked five years in call centres; three pretty good years, and then a year for the very incorporation of dickwad. I appreciate your reluctance to lambaste the prole on the phone, but I figure that I’m never going to get through to the asshole that perpetuates this situation, so all I can do is to convince the front-line person to abandon their post, and find another job.

Mostly, I try to do that by brutaly criticizing their assault against the peaceful sanctity of my home. Sometimes, I try to point them to career counselling opportunities in their area (around here, the YMCA does a lot to get people employed appropriately).


When you hear someone call for more regulation rather than a Standard Oil style breakup spread the knowledge, it is power.


Something like a dinosaur???

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Comcast is terrible because it is “too big to function”

Comcast annual expenses - $31.6 million
Comcast total employees - 126,000

US Government non-military expenses - $3.17 billion
US Government non-military employees - 2.13 million

That’s a rather specious argument. The government has grown in a fairly controlled manner over a couple hundred years time as a collection of compartmentalized entities under the three branches. Crapcast grew in a few decades by purchasing disparate local companies, and then failing to have anything resembling a plan to organize much of it.


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