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What, specifically, are your objections to reading comics on the Kindle?

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The text and colors really don’t translate well to a seven-inch black and white devices for a number of books. This was certainly the case with Nicole’s book.

Yeah, I’d second that question. I was seriously considering getting a Kindle Fire so I could save (mostly for storage reasons) on picking up trades.

I love reading comics on my Kindle Fire. The comixology app makes it so that you move from frame to frame, which I find really intuitive and cool. I’ve read all the the Locke And Key trades on it, as well as a bunch of the new 52 Animal Man. Good stuff.

Well, a tablet and an e-reader are two very different propositions. Even still, a 7-inch tablet is a bit small for my liking.

That’s one of the things I was curious about. Reading on a small device would be frustrating, and a small e-ink device would be almost useless for graphic content. I read graphic novels on my Nook HD+, which they’re practically giving away now that B&N is going out of the tablet business, and it does a great job. I assume the 8.9 inch fire would be an equivalent experience. But then I thought maybe the complaint was specifically with the Kindle software and its handling of comics. I use ComicRack, which I love, but it wouldn’t work with the drm-content you’d purchase through the Amazon store.

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