Company tries four-day work-week, discovers only upsides


Long ago, while working a crappy retail job on a Sunday morning, some old woman tried to castigate me for working on Sunday. I replied “but ma’am, you’re shopping on Sunday.” That shut her right up.


That might not work in the US where ‘work week’ for things like overtime, when talking about hourly wage workers, are based on a 40-hour week. I worked for a state government on a two-week pay period, and even though the pay period was 80 hours, overtime had to be figured based on each 40 hour week.


One possible ‘downside’ is for employees. Back in the 1980s, or maybe early 1990s, IBM Customer Engineers (i.e. hardware repairmen) went on 4-day work weeks. I worked in a mainframe data center and so many of these CEs became personal friends. More than one said they spent more money because of the extra day off each week - families wanted to take more short trips for example.


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