Congressional Democrats' first bill aims to end gerrymandering, increase voter registration and rein in campaign finance

4 out of those 5 DNC judges were elected after McRory, and during all the bullshit the GOP tried to pull. The fifth was elected the same year he was.

None of the GOP judges were elected after McRory.

That’s why they tried the primary thing in the first place.

It definitely back fired. In that they inadvertently split their own vote instead of the DNC vote. But recent history suggests that seat wasn’t going red to begin with. Thing was a Hail Mary from the start.

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Jackson was an incumbent, and she likely would have won, which is why Anglin threw his hat in the ring as a republican and screwed it up for them. It is true that the democrats would still have controlled the court 4:3, but I think it is hard to argue that it wasn’t a GOP misstep.

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Oh it was. I just don’t think that misstep was the definitive thing.

You’d have to look at the actual vote counts to see how bad a fuck up that was. In can’t seem to find them . And it’s important to remember that Anglin was a Democrat that switched his registration for this race.

But if it was likely to stay a GOP seat they wouldn’t have felt the need to pull the primary trick in the first place. Every single Supreme Court seat to come up since the 2010 Gerrymander has gone blue. And every one of those races, and even McRory’s election, has both been pitched and interpreted as voters pushing back on the GOPs lock on the legislature and their poor behavior overall.

They already fucked themselves on the NC supreme Court well before this year’s garbage went down.

They’re on the NC State Board of Elections Website. (For actual information like this Google is not your friend!)

What would have happened sans Anglin is hard to say, though I think Jackson et al spent quite a bit of energy and money into fighting him off that would otherwise have been spent on her real opponent. The GOP got badly punked.

That’s definitely open question territory.

And that page was my first stop. It doesn’t seem to get along with mobile.

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