Consumer Reports now evaluates products' security and privacy

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These appear to be services, not products.

Good to see this coming about. I was quite interested when Mudge started talking about a consumer grading system years back.


This is not your father’s (or mother’s) Consumer Reports.

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Nice to see, take a look at for work that has been ongoing for the last 5 years along these lines, funded via a NIST grant that has developed an identity services self assessment and registry to identity services, 45 categories across usability, privacy, security and interoperability.

The framework you are promoting for identity and trust is, as you state here, one where providers of products and services voluntarily participate, and “self assess”. It is reliant on network effect, requiring the buy-in of organizations to become a useful tool.

The consumer reports evaluation is a decidedly different animal, in that it is an assessment / rating by an independent organization on already existing products and services. It relies on market pressure to achieve increased security, through better consumer understanding.

So, related work, only in that they are both privacy and security oriented.

ETA: After reading through the site more thoroughly I see it really is solely about digital identification and certification / guidelines / a framework around that. @Salvatore_D_Agostino, I’m going to ask the moderator to split this off into a different topic, under the assumption it is something you will want to come back and discuss in the future.

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