Cool Haunted Mansion Umbrella Will Make You Smile On a Rainy Day


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I suppose it’s better than the upskirt umbrella.


That’s kind of gross. Can you maybe link to it instead?




I appreciate that! Thanks… :green_heart:

What? :wink:


It’s a haunted mansion post, It’s not Cory, and the “buy” link doesn’t go to Amazon. Where am I?


You’re in The Haunted Mansion.


I wish I could like this comment. But I’ll give you this instead :love_letter:


“Waterproof” really ought to go without saying.


It needs a little corpse hanging from the top of it.

I see your Haunted Mansion Umbrella and raise you a Mary Poppins.

We gave one to the SIL and that parrot head. It’s heavy resin and can be used as a wepon if needed.


That’d be pretty easy to DIY, and it’s a swell idea.

Dammit, I don’t NEED any more umbrellas! :sob:


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