Cool Johnny Cash guitar trick with a playing card

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Never seen that one, thanks.

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While the video puts the card up the neck, Cash threaded it through the strings close to the bridge. (By most reports I could find it was a dollar bill, though in an interview with Bobby Bare, Cash said that on his first Sun studio session it was a piece of cardboard that Sam Phillips had him use.) The video also calls this muting practice “sock,” which is a general term for a kind of rhythm playing common across the western-swing/Texas-fiddling and general-swing world, where it does not involve the paper/card trick. (I usually hear “sock” from the country end of things.)


Closer to the bridge would be up the neck. :slight_smile:

Errr, no. The bridge is down at the bottom. The bar at the top of the neck is the nut.

In the video he was putting the card up by the nut.

“Up the neck” means going up in pitch - towards the bridge. “Down the neck” means going down in pitch - towards the nut.

You’re totally right, sorry. I was replying to what Russell_Letson meant, not what he said.

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that’s ok, gave me an excuse to say “towards the nut”. :slight_smile:


And you got to be technically correct!

I’m a cello teacher. There’s always a period of adjustment when my students learn that when I saw “up” I mean “down” and vice versa.

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